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ICAO民航飞行员专业英语 ICAO Aviation English for Civil Pilots



书  号:978-7-5433-3296-6
开  本:16开
作  者:高培新 主编
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    <p>书  号:978-7-5433-3296-6<br/> 开  本:16开<br/> 出版时间:2013-09-01<br/> 作  者:高培新 主编<br/> 定  价:40.00 </p>


  • Chapter One Airplane Components and Flight Principles

    Section One Airplane Components

    Section Two Flight Deck

    Section Three Aerodynamics in Flight

    Section Four Basic Flight Procedure

    Chapter Two Power Plant System and Electrical System

    Section One Piston Engine and Jet Engine

    Section Two Basics of Oil System

    Section Three Classification of Fuel Systems

    Section Four Electrical System

    Chapter Three Flight Planning and Performance

    Section One Flight Planning

    Section Two Airplane Performance

    Section Three Terminology in Flight

    Chapter Four Airport Management and Airspace

    Section One Airport

    Section Two Airspace

    Chapter Five Flight Security Concerns

    Section One Human Factors

    Section Two Black Box

    Section Three Air Navigation

    Section Four Midair Collision

    Section Five Meteorology

    Chapter Six Background Information

    Section One Aviation History

    Section Two International Civil Aviation Organization

    Section Three Boeing Company and Airbus Industrie

    Chapter Seven Auxiliary Files

    Section One ICAO Tests

    Section Two Reference Answers

  • 高培新(1982年生),男,山东滨州人,硕士研究生,2007年毕业于中国石油大学(华东)外国语学院,研究方向为英语语言文学,现就职于滨州学院飞行学院, 主要从事航空基础英语、飞行员专业英语、飞行员陆空通话等课程的教学工作。目前,承担校级科研项目3项,校级教学研究项目3项,校级课程建设项目2项,并发表科研及教学研究论文30余篇,参与编写著作3部。

  • 本书深入浅出,图文并茂,从基础知识到高级技能循序渐进,系统介绍民航飞行员专业英语知识及表达方法,既有理论实践经验,又有行业英语知识,为不可多得的飞行员专业英语教材。

  • Empennage

    The empennage or tail assembly provides stability and control for the aircraft. The empennage is composed of two main parts: the vertical stabilizer (fin) to which the rudder is attached; and the horizontal stabilizer to which the elevators are attached. These stabilizers of the airplane help to keep the airplane pointed into the wind. When the tail end of the airplane tries to swing to either side, the wind pushes against the tail surfaces, returning it to its proper place. The rudder and elevators allow the pilot to control the yaw and pitch motion of the airplane, respectively.

    The tail at the rear of the plane provides stability. The fin is the vertical part of the tail. The rudder at the back of the plane moves left and right to control the left or right movement of the plane. The elevators are found at the rear of the plane. They can be raised or lowered to change the direction of the plane"s nose. The plane will go up or down depending on the direction of that the elevators are moved.

    The empennage is the rear part of the aircraft. Usually it includes the stabilizers, rudder and elevator as many other components. In fighter jets it may be constructed around the exhaust nozzle, as in some three-engine airplanes (with the third engine in the fuselage). In commercial aircrafts the empennage is built from the cabin pressure-cone and may contain the Flight Data Recorder (black box), Cockpit Voice Recorder and the pressure out-flow valve.